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Time power, how to use your time effectively

December 27, 2005

Day la` 1 cuon sach’ = pdf noi’ ve^` cach wan? li’ thoi` gian sao cho ho*.p li’. Great books!!!

Here’s the RapidShare link:
Password: avax

Time Power: A Proven System for Getting More Done in Less Time Than You Ever Thought by Brian Tracy

One of the world’s premier business consultants and personal success experts, Brian Tracy has devoted 25 years to studying the most powerful time

management practices used by the most successful people in every area. In Time Power, Brian reveals his comprehensive system, designed to help you

increase productivity and income exponentially — in just weeks! Filled with hundreds of powerful, practical, proven strategies, tools and techniques, Time

Power will help you take complete control of your time and use it to get more done — faster than you ever dreamed.

You’ll learn how to:
* Gain two extra productive hours per day * Make better, faster decisions
* Set clear goals and concentrate your energies on high-value activities
* Manage multi-task jobs more efficiently
* Overcome the people problems that can sap your time
* Learn the psychology of outstanding time management
* Use the five tools and techniques that will make you more productive for the rest of your life
* and much more!

Rich with proven success methods, Brian Tracy’s Time Power reveals the secrets to earning more money and getting more satisfaction in every area of your life.

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