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My friend’s lovesick story!!!!

December 28, 2005

Warning: This entry contains strong language and violence!!!!
Updated: Edited some presonal pronouns

Hey you, I know that you will come to my blog and read this, so read this carefully ‘cos I’m about to make it clear for you

Ok here’s the problem: you love her but she DOESN’T love you, or maybe, but let’s cut the word maybe for now, it’s the future. Yes, that’s the truth! You did’t realize that, although you’re smart, since like most of the time, the insiders can’t see things the outsiders see. Why can I assure that? Ok let me explain:

– How may times did you cry for her? And how many time did she cry for you? To your side, it’s 2. To her side, that’s your concern, I don’t know

– You cared too much for her feelings, and she cared not that “much” for your feelings. I don’t say that she didn’t care enough for you, just the way she cared for you was not like the way you cared for her. The problem lies in the word “too much”. When you cared too much, you lost your mind. You weren’t yourself any more.

– Eventually you created an invisible pressure on her by your caring way. She didn’t like that. She was, at the same time, selfish and wise to say goodbye to you. Why do I say that she was selfish? She avoided the pressure on her and cared not about what would happen to you. And why was she wise? Because, by saying goodbye, she cut off the pressure, released her from caring too much for someone else and had the time to concentrate on what’s important to her( and that means you’re not important to her, idiot =)) ). She’s wise, for someone at that age, I must say. You’re smart, but stupid at the same time =)).

However, remember not to be angry with her. She’s made her choice, and that’s her choice, you have no right, no influence on that, so there’s no use hurting the one that you love just because she doesn’ love you.( and I guess that you won’t do that, because you’re like me, hehehehe)

I know that you have had a hard time seeing her there but couldn’t talk to her. Just seeing her there make you feel painful, but face it, FACE IT YOU DUMBASS, MINDLESS SHIT HEAD!!!!! SHE MADE HER MIND UP, AND IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE YOUR MIND UP TOO. You two can still be friends, but it won’t be like the past. How the hell could that be for two persons, just one day ago and the following day….. I know that you still keep her souvernirs and value them(seeing these things makes memories come back alot and hurt a lot, you know??), and I don’t know if she keeps yours too, but you have to make your mind up. You have to stand up, although you’re depressed now. Although I know that if you had the chance to start all over gain, you still love her no matter what (such a dumbass!!!), but be strong my friend!!

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