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One entry a day keeps the doctor away….

April 9, 2006

La.i 1 entry vu vo* co’ chu? di’ch nua~….

La^u nay khong viet blog, ngo`i bu’t co`i co.c, toa`n uong nuo’c lo.c, me.t nho.c vo^ bie^n…..Viewers gia?m xuo^’ng, trang blog phe^’ hoang, lo`ng nguoi` la’ng lo, muo^n da^n dau buo^`n. Nay thien thu`a va^.n, Gia Huy viet blog, ba` con do’n do.c, nho’ du`ng o.c co*m ra hahahahaha.

De.p chat chit noi nha?m dau blog, nay I will go straight into the details. Trong khoa?ng tho*`i gian toi’, co’ the^? something good will happen, and it means that I will have less time for my life, which consists of real life and cyber life. My balance between real life and cyber life is on the direction to plunctuate towards the cyber life, and I always try my best to not let that happens. However, now I have to make a decision, it’s that I won’t create new entries for my blog like crazy before(although being crazy is a unique characteristic of mine, though Image). When writing “like crazy before”, I means that the delay time between two entries will be longer, 7 days at least. Time consumes us, slowly…..

Go^`i, xong khu’c serious, toi’ khuc’ noi’ nha?m. Lau nay khong viet blog ma` ba` con hoi thuc la`m minh ca?m do^.ng cha?y nuo’c mie^’ng a`o a.t Image. Du` khong viet nhung nga`y na`o cu~ng doc comment, ca`ng doc ca`ng ca?m tha^’y….dau ma’t do ma`n hi`nh moi’ doi^? cai’ LCD bi. dead pixel Image. LCD gi` ma` nhi`n dau mat wa’, ai cu~Ng doi` doi^? voi’ mi`nh ma` mi`nh ….ngu gi` do^?i, kha` kha`kha` kha`. Ho^m wa noi hu*’ng chat sex, y’ lo^.n Image, chat nha?m voi’ con Medusa, tha`ng ritly, tha`ng Chanh Tam, vua` chat vua` cuoi`, toa`n 1 lu~ khu`ng dien 12 ho*n noi’ nha?m, vua` noi’ nha?m vu`a bu`n ngu? che^’t Mi`nh la` da^`u te^u ma` no’i 1 ho^`i tro? nen bu`n ngu?, dan`h cha`o thua da’m wy? ma` offline di ngu?, khong biet cau chuye^n =)) cua? tui. no’ toi’ dau roi^`, la`m de^m ngu? thao thu’c he^’t 2 …..gia^y le? ma^’y sao roi^` ngu? mat tieu, thu.c la` uo^?ng 1 di.p nha?m nhi’ wa’ Image. Tho^i, nhi`n wa nhi`n lai thay entry da`i roi^`, wuyet di.nh vu’t keyboard di la`m 8 weeks plan tie^’p Image. 1 cai plan 8 weeks ma` information missing ha`ng loa.t, details thie^’u tho^’n cu’ nhu* na.n doi’ na(m 45, tha^.t la` Chaos theory comes true ma` :((

Ends and ends.

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  1. Thuybin permalink
    April 9, 2006 8:57 pm

    boc’ tem. Chao` mung` su* phu tro? lai, gui? toi’ su* phu tinh` thuong yeu vo^ nga^n`. su phu cu’ la^u la^u cho cai’ entry ve` cuoc song cua su phu de? bon ha^u bo^i’ biet’ la` duoc roi`, con` ko viet nua~ thi` em cung~ do~ comment^^.hehe>:).

  2. maxii permalink
    April 9, 2006 9:58 pm

    zo*`i…hoa ma’t we’…^^

  3. Lột sạch sẽ (Rờ) permalink
    April 9, 2006 10:02 pm

    to maximummy: La.i 1 comment du’ng fong ca’ch 2,3 chu~ …hoa ma’t thi` do.c it’ thoi, la^`n kha’c doc tip….
    To Bin: hun e ba`ng ca? ….cai’ mie^.ng muaaaaahhhhh :-*.

  4. ter permalink
    April 9, 2006 11:03 pm

    Da~ nha~m, nay co`n nha~m hon 😀

  5. maxii permalink
    April 10, 2006 8:09 am

    khu*?a khu*?a…

  6. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2006 4:52 pm

    hia hia hia….cuo`i a dua theo chi. maximummum ( du` ch��?ng bi�t’ chi? cuo`i c�i g��) =))=))

  7. Lột sạch sẽ (Rờ) permalink
    April 10, 2006 6:59 pm

    O`, nha^n tie^.n cuoi` adua luo^n theo maximummy va` con medusa(du` cha?ng biet 2 nguoi do’ cuo`i cai gi`)ho^ ho^ ho^ ho^

  8. Thuybin permalink
    April 10, 2006 11:24 pm

    co moi cai comment cua minh la` co noi dung.Tu hao` thiet^^.

  9. Anonymous permalink
    April 11, 2006 12:23 am

    n�y chi. Bin nh�p. h�i. cu`oi a dua lu�n ��i chu’
    ( ti�p’ tu.c cu`oi …1 l� cuo`i a dua t�p. 2 theo chi. Maximummum , 2 l� cuoi` ru�i`, cuo`i cho.c qu� , cuo`i d� biu~,cuo`i khinh bi?, cuo`i go’m ghie’c (�i’ ! n�i hoi qu� ..)
    —>n�i chung la` cuoi`…CROCODILE ba` ba`) h� h� h� ;)) ;))

  10. nhẽo nhợt permalink
    April 13, 2006 9:48 pm

    moi’ bai’ bin lam` su ty? , the’ nen quyet dinh comment nay phai co noi dung : anh chom noi’ a o crazy like before , nghia~ la` se~ crazy more than before hu*? , khu*a? khu*a?

  11. Bani© permalink
    December 27, 2006 7:36 pm

    hoi nham but funny hihi

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