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Blog tag game(bi. nho’c tag :(( )

April 23, 2006

Blog tag game

Rules of the game

1/A blog starts with one question.

2/Finish the questions in your own blog, then name other blogs to complete the same questions.

3/The tagged blog finishes the questions and tags other blogs.

4/The tagged blog needs to identify the blog which tagged them.

5/Cannot tag back, add a question of your own.

I was tagged by nho’c spirit

TV program watching recently: không có thời gian mà coi tivi nữa đó

Music listening to recently: Doraemon openning theme Image

Food eaten most often recently: cơm Image

Topic most on your mind recently: 8 weeks plan

Places visited most often recently: công ty

Thing you want to do most recently: ngủ 1 ngày cho đã, háháhá

People you think of most recently: nhiều quá: nhóc, bé M, vợ, bé Bin…

Current health status: không đi khám không biết :-??

Current financial status: sắp lãnh lương hưu Image

What you wanna say most to your friends: bye

What you wanna say to yourself most: ngủ chút nữa đi mà

Think of a dieting method: hả, diet làm khỉ gì

The craziest thing you’ve done: so far, it’s doing this blogs tag(y xì nhóc) Mà nói chung tui làm cái gì chả điên Image

From 1-10, how much do you like karaoke:tui hát hay nên mê karaoke là dĩ nhiên, nhóc ơi đi karaoke 😀

Favourite foods: thịt nứong + canh khoai mỡ + cơm chiên, nhão nhẹt ngon thật, yummy Image

Least favourite foods: chocolate :-??

Places you wanna go: E3 sắp tới

Present you want most: 1 ideal gf

The ideal guy/girl: = nhóc + bé M + vợ + be Bin + (ai đẹp tui cũng cộng dzô hết hehehe)

Are you still single? When are you planning to find one? Who is ur mate?

– Single.

WHen time is right. :-??

WHen time is right. :-??

If you had a pet, what would be its name: mèo thì kêu là mèo, chó thì kêu là chó, chẳng kêu tên gì cả.

If you only had one day left, what would you do: left for what?

At the most, how many things can you do at once: Ngay cả PC còn không multi- thread, làm sao tui làm đựợc?

Who’s the most important person to you: how do u define important?(y xì nhóc)

If you had total freedom in the next life, what career would you choose: career is not affected by freedom, it’s money which totally affect it. Beggars are totally free, you know?

If you had a lover before, what do you wanna say to him/her now? If you haven’t had one, what do you wanna say to your future him/her:

– I still luv u babe!!

– I luv u

What would you do if you got depression: I don’t know, I hide them so well that even I can’t realize when I got depressed.

Do you think a person’s past is important: that’s bullshit and not so bullshit at all

Until this moment, what is the thing you regret the most: chances I missed

Work, love, friendship, others (pls specify), what is most important now: I think I don’t know

If you got a chance to go back to the past, what would you do and why: grab my chances of love, work opportunity and go abroad as fast as I could have

What can you cook: you give me the ingredients, the recipe and you’ll get the result!

Your dream now/in the past: to be rich and to be loved by some missworld/to be rich and to be loved by some missworlds

How do you see yourself: I see myself through a mirrorImage

Positive/negative points about you:

-Positive points: no negative points

-Negative points: your guess is right, hahahaha

If you got to choose, which country would you live in: to me the country is not important

If you could choose, would you want the ability to be invisible, shrink/grow or fly: I love flying, so damn great!!!

If money weren’t a problem, where would you live in HK: super dzô dziên

What animal would you wanna be in the next life and why: male human with a blondie female human =))

Do you like Leehom Wang or Daniel Wu: I don’t give a damn care about these unknown people

Which star would you pick to be your mum? Why? I prefer them to be my sex slaves =))=))

How would you kill yourself: I will choose a horryfying death: death by being aged

Do you like western or local movies: local movies? What are they?

What do you wanna do this winter: give me a trip to some winterable country and I will have the answer ready

What is there you wanted to do but didn’t do recently: studying abroad Image

A place you’d never wanna go to: các nhà vệ sinh công cộng Image

What do you think ppl have to do once in their life: being born

Bangkok or Bang cock? Bang cock hahahaha =)) =))

Singapore or Hong Kong?ý là sao?

Why are you where you are now? tui đẻ ở đây :-??, is this simple concept too complicated for you?

What is your weirdest habit?Define weird for me truo’c khi hoi?

Anything new: xin chào câu hỏi dzô dziên !!

What is ur most embarrasing moment? I regret not having once in my life :((

What’s ur best pickup line? trời đẹp nhỉ Image

(V’s question) Are you tired yet??? nope nhóc!

(Hòang thân Yb Ab’s question) Do you love me babe???

Next people to tag: bé Muội, Krazzie, bé Bin, vợ, ritlỳ, Bia, …(mấy ngừoi không nhắc tên không phải không cho tag, mà lý do là biết có tag cũng không làm hehehe) … hehee and anyone who is interested 😛

Chà hôm nay đựoc cái entry thú dzật ta, à thú dzị 😀

10 Comments leave one →
  1. nhẽo nhợt permalink
    April 23, 2006 11:28 pm

    ya` hu’ , boc’ tem ong chom
    nhieu` qua’ chom oi , doc da met noi’ chi tra? loi`
    du` gi` cung co gang lam` trong toi nay
    cuoi’ cung` fai? them cau hoi? cua? ban than nua~ ha?

  2. ŠpiЯiTie V permalink
    April 24, 2006 6:46 am

    If you had total freedom in the next life, what career would you choose: career is not affected by freedom, it’s money which totally affect it. Beggars are totally free, you know? <<< câu này thiê.t là thú. dzâ.t … à ko, thú dzi. 😛
    :)) coool cooooolll
    ko hô? danh ddc nhóc tag 😛 keke

  3. ŠpiЯiTie V permalink
    April 24, 2006 9:05 am

    Cho`i, h�ng hiu seo m�nh may man’, l�`n dd�`u ddo.c blogs n�y th� ko th�’y c�u hoi c�i c�ng c���a b�y bi… tu. du*ng �ng? nha’c, l�m m�nh ddo.c dduo.c c�u cu�i’… hu` hu` hu`
    M� tu’c r�i, b�y bi l� dd�` … thi�u’ dz� dzi�n :))

  4. ter permalink
    April 24, 2006 6:34 pm

    Sao ngan ngu?n vay? 😀
    De weekend la`m .. 😀

  5. ♥ Bé ma ♥ permalink
    April 25, 2006 8:35 am

    Nhoc’ Spirit…. co phai chi. My ko dzay???? 😦 Kathy….

  6. Thuybin permalink
    April 28, 2006 4:40 am

    anh oi^^.Em co’ 4 ngay` nghi? cho dip mung` thong nhat to quoc va` ngay` quoc te lao dong^^.Moi~ hom em se~ doc 1/4 de? den’ ngay` thu’ 3 tuan` sau hieu duoc su phu dinh truyen` dat gi` cho em^^.Da ta su phu da~ nho’ toi’ be’ Bin:-*.Nha^n tien nhac’ su* phu sang doc tho* em moi’ sang tac^^hehe:P.

  7. Thuybin permalink
    May 2, 2006 5:57 pm

    su* phu bo? ten em ra khoi danh sach diiiii><.

  8. Lột sạch sẽ (Rờ) permalink
    May 3, 2006 5:05 am

    Co^’ len bia!!
    Sao vay nu~ to^?ng tho^’ng 😕 ?

  9. ŠpiЯiTie V permalink
    May 3, 2006 7:06 am

    heheh SpiRitie ko phai tên My~ bé gى ddَ ui

  10. Duy Hạ permalink
    August 26, 2006 2:13 pm

    interesting…hmmmm 😉

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